Ultimate Broadway Playbill Binder

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This custom-made three-ring binder - the top choice for Playbill magazine collectors who wish to keep their collection in mint condition - uses archival quality materials to attractively display, organize, and protect your Playbill collection for years to come. The Ultimate Playbill Binder comes with 18 polypropylene sleeves and acid-free backing boards - the same materials used by professional archivists and serious collectors to preserve paper products, which are extremely susceptible to the damaging effects of sunlight, oxygenation, acidic corrosion, and dust. All materials in the Ultimate Playbill Binder are proudly made in the USA. The sleeves are designed to hold contemporary-sized Playbills, 5 and 3/8 inches by 8 and 1/2 inches - the standard size for almost 30 years. Larger Playbills from earlier eras will not fit in the sleeves. The binder is easy to use and handle. Simply insert a Playbill into a sleeve, fold the flap over the top, and slip the flap under the strap on the back of the sleeve to hold it in place. For the most effective preservation of your collection, we recommend that you seal the flap closed around the edges with invisible tape to keep out air and dust completely. Once you've filled the sleeves, slide them over the rings and close the clasp. You can easily change the order in which the Playbills are organized as often as you wish.