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The original version of Taboo played for over a year in London, and won 2 awards. The Broadway production features a complete rewrite of its book by Charles Busch, new choreography by Mark Dendy (consulted by Jeff Calhoun), as well as several new designers and an almost entirely new cast.

Taboo is a musical portrait of London in the early 1980s, a time which found its rebellious expression in flamboyant fashion and decadent nightlife. Taboo focuses on two young men - Leigh Bowery, a brilliant performance artist and designer (played by Boy George) and George O’Dowd (played by Euan Morton), a young man who becomes the surprising star of the scene as "Boy George." Both men’s stories are played out against the fantastic background of Taboo, the real life club that had come to symbolize the mad excess and decadent fun of a time and place that left a lasting influence on music and fashion. 

Song titles include "Freak/Ode to Attention Seekers," "Stranger in This World," "Safe in the City," Genocide Peroxide," "I'll Have You All," "Pretty Lies," "Guttersnipe," "Love Is a Question Mark," "Do You Really Want to Hurt Me," "Everything Taboo," "Talk Amongst Yourselves," "I See Through You," "Ich Bin Kunst," "Petrified," "Out of Fashion," "Il Adore" and also 4 new songs: "Dress to Kill," "Sexual Confusion," "The Fame Game," and "Come On in From the Outside".

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