Newsies Live DVD!

Posted by Cody Hall on

We have been watching people take to the forums and band together just like the newsboys in Newsies did. The only difference is the Newsies were fighting for their livelihood and the Fansies are fighting for...a Blue Ray DVD?!

There was even a petition formed for the cause.
Now, we are all for going for what you believe in, but maybe look at this as an opportunity to learn something new like how to output the movie from your computer to your TV!
OR just get the movie to stop buffering.
We hate buffering.
Use it as an excuse to buy a projector since you can only see it like you would in theatre. At least thats what you can tell your parents/spouse/roommate.
Any way you look at it, do you REALLY think the mother-of-all movie making companies is REALLY going to let this opportunity to make that much money go?

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