New Product Collection! "PACKAGES"

Posted by Cody Hall on

We are excited to announce the introduction of packages to our inventory. It isn't so much "New" items that weren't available to you before (sometimes it will be though), but it's definitely at a NEW price point!

By bundling together multiple items and offering them to you as such, we are able to lower the price compared to what we would offer it up to you as if you were purchasing each item individually. Think..Costco, selling Broadway merch and thats the general idea.

This is legit the face I made when I thought about Costco selling merch.

In our Packages collection you will see discounts of 5, 15, or upwards of 30% off right off the top. Also, as of right now, unless otherwise noted on the individual package, they are all eligible for further discounts with any of our codes we offer!

Stay tuned and be sure to subscribe to our newsletter for updates! (Thats also where we primarily send out our discount codes!!)

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