How To Sign Up For A Bazaar Bucks Account (Brief Overview)

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Bazaar Bucks is Broadway Bazaar's rewards program for customer purchases and new customer referrals! It's an easy way to get rewarded for things you already do like make purchases and then tell your friends about it. Now we will give you points for every purchase which you can then use to redeem for credit towards future purchases! Then when you share with your friends, we will give you a personalized link that you can share with them to send them to our site so that way we can give you credit for the referral which you can then use right away to save $5 or save up to get bigger savings! Once signed up, you will be able to find your link under the tab "Refer Friends" in the pop-up like the image below:

To sign up make sure you look for the red Bazaar Bucks button on the bottom left of your screen from our homepage. This is usually the part most people miss and then don't end up signing up.

Once that is clicked, depending if you have an account with Broadway Bazaar already or not will determine how you will proceed. If you have an account with us, simply click "Log In" and follow the prompts to set up your account in 1-step. If you don't, we provide you with a link (seen in the photo as a blue button) to "Sign Up" for a new account with us so we can begin crediting you for your purchases!

As a Bonus we reward you for signing up with a sweet 75 Bazaar Bucks to begin! So, go sign up today and make sure you Instagram, tweet, tumblr, and email your referral link to your Broadway buddies to get even more rewards, faster!

While you are out doing that, make sure you also follow us on social media and tag us in your posts:


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