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On Sunday, just before the Super Bowl, Skittles, the tasty ellipsoid confection, will present “Skittles Commercial: The Broadway Musical.”A half-hour show, with songs by Drew Gasparini (“Smash”) and a book by the playwright Will Eno and the copywriter Nathaniel Lawlor, it will play Town Hall — just once — for a paying audience of 1,500. (Town Hall is not exactly a Broadway theater, but still.) While some teaser ads have aired, the show itself won’t be broadcast.

For those not lucky enough to see the only performance of the show, it goes a little something like this:

Michael C. Hall (again dressed like a cat) goes into a bodega on Super Bowl Sunday. He’s on his way to Broadway to star in “Skittles Commercial: The Broadway Musical,” because his agent Brian told him it would be a good career move. He soon breaks into song and begins to dissect the decision; was starring in a Broadway show that’s really just a marketing ploy from Skittles really a good idea?

He sings: “Have you ever been asked to make a Skittles ad? Dressed like an animal, not sure if you feel angry or just sad. And your agent Brian urged you to say yes. It’s for the Big Game after all, and it could be a big success. But you get out on the stage and you realize what you’ve done. This ad will not be on TV. This ad will not be number one. And you’re sweating off your tail because you’re dressed up like a cat. Have you ever felt like that?”

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